Yak Milk Soap

Yak Milk Soap
Product Code : YMS01
Name : Yak Milk Soap
Description :

Exotic soap containing Yak Milk, Haney and Red Clay. Yak Milk comes all the way from high Himalaya directly benefiting the local peasants. Yak Milk has the highest percentage of fat found than other animal's milk. Honey combined with Yak Milk retains moisture on the skin and Red Clay helps to exfoliate.

* No Animal Testing

* Natural

* All Vegetable Oils

. Ingredients : Conconut, Olive, Palm and Sunflower Oils, Honey, Yak milk, Red Clay and finest blend of Essential Oils.

Price is for set of 5 pcs in one unit

Meet Producers Shoba Rana Magar
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